A new generation of smart iot machine room monitoring system solution design! ! !

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Overview: the intelligent computer system used in the main technology, design method and function realization, including the design of communication protocol, hardware circuit design and software design. System functions include control, detection, and wireless communication, etc. , has realized the computer room appliances control, environmental factors of detection, computer security guard and communications, and other functions. At the same time increase the wireless remote control of smart car, add the various sensors, realize the mobile detection sensor, increases the flexibility of detection. Remote control room via the Internet, so as to realize the remote control. The system test functions are implemented. Room control real-time acquisition equipment room through the various monitoring data real-time transmission to the platform software, and integration of entrance guard system in and out of the engine room staff to monitor, if abnormal, system will through local audible and visible, duan jing, letter, telephone, email, etc way immediately reported to the jing, at the same time, the administrator can through the platform software to check the room environment data, completely accomplish unattended, management of computer room allows you to rest easy! System consists of computer measurement and control terminals, temperature and humidity sensor, monitoring module, leakage sensor, current/voltage sensor, smoke, infrared tan sensors, magnetic door, air conditioning self starter, duan letter of module and the monitoring center platform software, users can according to the actual need, choose relevant equipment in networking. Real-time monitoring system function and upload room environmental monitoring data, if there are any abnormal, immediately reported to the jing supported MODBUS protocol, can monitor the UPS, precision air conditioning equipment users can choose the local light, duan letter, telephone, E-mail and other different way of jing, at the same time, but for the time in the form of jing customization, such as choice of work time only need light and mail jing, non-working time duan letter, telephone jing flexible network mode, can according to the communication mode, the distance to take different ways of networking platform software structure of BS, WEB page and do not need to install the client, support for people in different places at the same time login system to check the data real-time information management: diversified way of networking, you show the information processing process to ensure the real-time transmission of information 24 hours. Centralized control: cross-regional centralized monitoring and management, in ensuring safety around the room at the same time save a lot of human resources. Smart to jing: a multi-level accused jing set for real-time security guarantees, computer for cross-regional monitor centralized management to provide effective means of operating room. Mains power monitoring: open, such as battery power electricity monitoring provide real-time data support for the computer room power security. Environmental monitoring, temperature and humidity, smoke, water, access control, video and other environmental monitoring program for overall environment to provide computer security measures. Temperature and humidity monitoring: electrical products is very strict to the requirement of temperature and humidity, digital temperature and humidity monitoring for provide scientific digital basis to protect the safety of products. Equipment control: the control of the environment in many of the plant equipment and unified management, save a lot of labor costs. Flexible to jing: diversification of jing way to ensure the safety of the plant in real time, mobile phone APP to jing, spot light and sound to tell jing jing, phone.
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