A consumer machine two staff

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
A consumer machine two workers, you may think this is a joke. Have such idea, can only prove that you have been behind The Times. In consumption machine is the most widely used as an example of the canteen. If no consumption machine for help, and to achieve fast food process, so at least two working personnel, a charge and change, another is responsible for the rice. So that, on average, to complete a dozen rice time in 30 seconds. Dozens of small dining room, two workers or to quickly complete the whole process of rice. But once there were hundreds of people eat, workload and working time of every meal will be much bigger. This time, if the dozen rice window to install a consumption machine, food and staff card to consumption, consumption of full democracy, only need one staff dozen rice and supervision. This complete one dozen rice time basic in 15 seconds. If it is a big dining room, thousands of the opening of a 5 - Eight Windows, in 5 - saving Eight staff at the same time, rice speed can increase one times, where to find such a wonderful thing ah. You might think, buy need a lot of the cost of consumption machine and card. Ce jersey id tell you, you are wrong again. One thousand people dining room, for example, buy 5 consumption machine, 1000 CARDS, plus other fees, probably is a few thousand dollars, but consumption machine help you saved five staff directly. In thousands of dollars a year, save you ten?
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