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433 wireless communication between consumption principle

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
433 wireless consumer machines for ce ze company is already very mature, very convenient a model. But whenever I mention 433 wireless communication consumption machine, many customers will doubt, what is 433 wireless communications? Stable? Customers have such doubt also is very normal, after all, the family's WIFI signal will be strong with the weak. 433 MHZ is free to apply for a launch our country receive frequency, can be directly use don't need to manage, strong anti-interference, 433 frequency and support a variety of point to point, point to multi-point wireless data communications, a transceiver integrated, security isolation, isolation, using a simple installation, high cost performance, stable and reliable characteristics. Through our various testing and practice, as long as the transmitted power is enough big, barrier-free transmission distance up to 1000 meters, there are buildings, walls of these obstacles transmission distance up to 500 meters. When farther, still can add repeater to extend the transmission distance.
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