3 d fingerprint entrance guard system security more secure

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Modernization of entrance guard system, its core function is the difference between users with strangers. Only the authentication way is different. Fingerprint identification technology of access products gradually become the mainstream. Fingerprint entrance guard system of user identity identification of fingerprints was secured in point, with fingerprint records as the difference between the user and the outsiders. Fingerprint entrance guard one stranger with fingerprint entrance guard system hard to get rid of the traditional tools such as key card, get access to work more convenient and quick. With the traditional entrance guard system the biggest difference in fingerprint entrance guard system only & other; Acquaintances & throughout; That only made the fingerprint entry user can use fingerprint authentication through the door. The other is unable to enter the note of the fingerprint has a channel. Compared to traditional entrance guard to go tool type, fingerprint entrance guard relatively safe authentication mode, to avoid the risks of tools lost, privacy protection. Fingerprint entrance guard system is more security than traditional access control products, reflected in specific to each and every one will verify that the object, rather than general unlock tool, which makes the fingerprint entrance guard system will become & other; Recognize people & throughout; The entrance guard system. However, only & other; Acquaintances & throughout; The fingerprint entrance guard system sometimes less work. Fingerprint abnormal condition could not even acquaintances to recognize. Lines of entrance guard system development is closely related with biometric technologies mature. In the traditional fingerprint products, most of the fingerprint identification technology is adopted by the optical flat. Optical fingerprint identification technology, the recognition rate is vulnerable to the influence of the users table finger skin, identify state of instability. This is the fingerprint entrance guard system sometimes don't recognize the main cause of acquaintances. After a period of use may appear all sorts of identification, course or recognition speed is slow, etc. , all of these cause the user to use the fingerprint entrance guard system, acquaintances will be turned into a passer-by. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard acquaintances more distinct biological recognition technology application of maturity is creating 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system is one of the main factors. Referred to as the fingerprint recognition technology from the traditional 2 d to 3 d knowledge don't technology, indicates the user expectations for the safety and function of entrance guard system is higher. 3 d fingerprint access control than the planar optical fingerprint entrance guard, has a larger advantage in recognition rate. 3 d living fingerprint identification technology by ce zeguo international innovation first launched, the fingerprint recognition rate increase to more than 99%, and recognition time is shortened to 0. 7 seconds. Improvement of fingerprint recognition, efficiency and safety of the fingerprint entrance guard system is a level of ascension. 3 d live fingerprint identification for entrance guard system is more stable, because the user finger anomaly identification problem will be greatly reduced. Entrance guard system identification for acquaintances can force is better. Able to adapt to different kinds of different skin conditions fingerprints. Users don't have to worry about because of the finger is broken or drying fingerprint can't identify. As long as the collection authority ahead of the fingerprint, it can be in any case is efficient fingerprint entrance guard function. Fingerprint identification instrument to maintain at least 5 years of high recognition rate, will not appear the phenomenon of low response for continuous use. As a fingerprint entrance guard system administrator, can through the computer, at any time to check the entrance guard system using status, grasp the in and out of the personnel information. Function of fingerprint entrance guard system also reflect in the stranger, namely the permissions block. Entrance guard system play a role of entrance guard, and one of the important factors is prevented strangers randomly access door area. In ordinary optical fingerprint identification system, the stranger may use artificial fingerprints to achieve the purpose of into the door area. This is because the artificial fingerprint copy other's fingerprint texture, become a replica of high fidelity. Optical fingerprint identification device is unable to distinguish between the recognition of human fingerprints or fingerprint replica. 3 d more prominent feature of fingerprint entrance guard system put an end to a stranger, because has the identification characteristics of living, to all the living fingerprint to eliminate and will not be identified. This advantage will be malicious fingerprinting membrane cover, completely eliminate the possibility of access to private area, in order to ensure the safety of the user. Entrance guard system spread more users to enjoy the fingerprint identification technology and closer links with the access control security system. Fingerprint is everyone born biological characteristics, and has unique characteristics. The entrance guard system of fingerprints was secured in the verification point, contact with the fingerprint reading head through the fingers, the distance between the user and the entrance guard system is closer, the illicit close sex of the user space is protected. With the improvement of user requirements for biometrics, challenged the traditional optical fingerprint identification products. 3 d recognition for its high recognition rate and the number of security department to win more and more recognition, fingerprint entrance guard system in 3 d technology is increasing. Ce ze's 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system, starting from the fingerprint recognition technology reform, further upgrade the fingerprint entrance guard advantage. Remove the many disadvantages of traditional fingerprint identification products, improve the quality of fingerprint entrance guard system operation. All the man-made fingerprint outside a thorough manner, the efficiency and safety coefficient of above to entrance guard system more security. In addition, on the function, the policy jersey 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system will access and attendance, doorbell, display screens and touch, voice prompt, and so on function integration, is trying to give users the most comprehensive personalized access control service. Ce ze said 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system using the product has a longer service life, integrated performance compared with the traditional 2 d fingerprint entrance guard system is advantage. The popularity of fingerprint entrance guard system is the product to a significant symbol of ordinary users. Product 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system in the future will be more appear among the enterprises, school and family units. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system acting as the role of the guard, to identify visitors identity. More and more people will enjoy the advantages of 3 d fingerprint identification and security.
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