3 d fingerprint entrance guard system has brought about new changes to corporate office building security

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
With the progress of science and technology and the development of the society, to the building security monitoring discrepancy or represented by cable lock, key, entrance guard card in traditional management way already can't satisfy the entrance requirements of the modern office building. Therefore, 3 d living fingerprint identification technology, information network management, computer control, radio frequency technology, the system linkage in the integration of 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system, solve the problem of the modern office building entrance guard. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system as an advanced technology that prevention and management, not only applied to office buildings, and is widely used in Banks, hotels, hospitals, prisons, shopping malls, site, scientific research institutions, and other fields. An office building, demand analysis is high safety requirements, capacity big, expensive office equipment centralized place, there are great regional difference, time difference, easy to appear the following three problems: (1) the office building in different time, different functional area personnel office differences, in and out of the different management requirements, security personnel to all-round, all-weather and personnel management. Diction in the traditional system monitoring, access control, alarm, separately by different personnel management, such as the independent management mode, not only a waste of resources, and can not effectively deal with an emergency. (3) the traditional office building entrance guard system is difficult to store a lot of video monitoring data. 2, 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system solution for 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system solutions for office buildings and custom security features and requirements, to & other; Improve the efficiency of management of office building, office building public security & throughout; For the plan guidelines. This solution for office, computer room, office area with different management approaches such as JiYaoChu, installed in each big entrance 3 d living fingerprint identification terminal, alarm and camera equipment. Controlled door installed entrance guard system, can realize the normal period of valid CARDS to open the door, invalid card don't open the door, the abnormal time invalid CARDS or forced into the linkage alarm, video capture. The whole system adopts TCP/IP Ethernet module, the realization of remote control. Three characteristics, system (1) 3 d living fingerprint identification terminal, effectively prevent criminals into office building 3 d living fingerprint identification terminal, using the world's leading 3 d living fingerprint identification technology, penetrate into the dermis for fingerprint information, effective to eliminate the use of false fingerprints in office building. 2 points area monitoring and management, implement scientific management through system network office, computer room, JiYaoChu office area differentiation management, personnel security anti-theft alarm, restricted range and the passage of time, etc. (3) a variety of functions linkage and mutual assistance, to achieve highly unified management mode of 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system gathered many functions such as monitoring, access control, alarm, implement related management pattern, one person can manage the entire system, greatly saves the manpower. (4) store entrance guard data effectively, entrance guard records query at any time the system using the computer control system to control of inward and outward, and people in and out of the real-time data synchronization to unlimited data contain the cloud, to facilitate management to query data at any time. In addition, management personnel to open the client & other; Real-time monitoring & throughout; After the interface, timely understanding of all the staff in and out of the situation. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system product on the market, the current fingerprint entrance guard system can have good fingerprint identification ability to even mention 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system. 3 d fingerprint identification technology as the support, make 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system with common fingerprint entrance guard enviable safety index. 3 d fingerprint identification technology is in the past two years has been widely recognized the fingerprint recognition technology, is the most popular alternative to traditional optical fingerprint recognition technology. 3 d series of fingerprint identification system is known as a high recognition rate and zero false recognition rate, on the basis of accurately identify the user fingerprint, the artificial fingerprint can completely eliminate. Applied to fingerprint entrance guard system, show the faster response speed and more reliable safety protection. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system, on the one hand, simplify the management structure, improve the concentration degree of management, on the other hand make static manual data into dynamic electronic data, improve the management efficiency, and provides reference data for the management decisions. According to relevant personage, 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system solutions for the management of the office building standardized, systematic and scientific construction has played a good role in promoting.
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