3 d fingerprint access control for all kinds of the thief can't do anything for you

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
What acura, believe that each of us has our own unique insights. Today say gourmet thief, the thief can how best? We feel that nanjing a food company employees report to the police, said they caught a thief. After the police showed up to know, the thief is the company's former employees, less than a month has just left the company. He is not only in the company's fatigues steal, even the socks, underwear is stealing from former colleagues. By understanding, 25, I wish one since leaving after the unit has several times to theft, computers, mobile phones, watches and other employees in the company have been stolen, toothpaste, lighters, hair dryer was stolen, even the staff of clothes. This case have to let people sigh with emotion: the fire alarm to prevent & other; Former & throughout; Ah. The thief has a gourmet Lord still need to reflect on anhui hefei a thief, in the middle of the night to steal a family, found that the room is very warm, but no one at home. After he put valuables bundled together, altogether has lived down. Go to the bathroom to wash a hot bath, then open the wine ark, find out a bottle of red wine, taste slowly. Finally put on the underwear of goodwife, covered with male host quilt, sleep. The next morning, feel this nice place, to stay again in the evening. This happened for a few days, until the man came back, he stuck in the house. He says: & other; I just didn't place to sleep, to spend the night here. ” Acura the thief's story here, someone said, in fact every thief, all want to live a room, have a car, there is a job and income, have love, family happiness of life. Just a variety of reasons, some people feel desperate, just broken broken falls. But is the reason why a helpless, theft is illegal. Acura thief various, but in the case of the acura also nots allow to ignore to the owner not enough strict precautions, the entrance guard system. If you don't want to be the best the thief to patronize, also need to spend some of idea on entrance guard. Entrance guard system omissions manufacturing can take advantage of the entrance guard system is not all strange to most people, we usually use broad entrance guard system also includes the door lock. Now renovation of criminals means as well as the development of science and technology, the concept of the entrance guard system is changing quietly. Now we often say that generally refers to the entrance guard system based on electric lock automatic entrance guard. Electronic entrance guard system is widely used in the large unit property, such as office or community. But for effect, guard against ordinary thief, if means a brillant acura thief, seems to be some helpless. As mentioned earlier example, event occurred is the office and living area. Used the users know of the electronic entrance guard system, passwords and credit card access control model is relatively more popular. Because they don't like her with you keep the keys, passwords and entrance card for all users of a building are the same, on the premise of this, the user's vigilance reduced, followed into the phenomenon is more, while the user is hard to tell whether the following for migrants, so to criminals into provides favorable conditions within the building. And password input process of openness, and copy a low cost but also increased the entrance guard system of access control card security threat. So, common electronic entrance guard system to guard against theft to little effect. In wars with the acura thief, entrance guard system in by continual improvement to strengthen, biometric technique has gained popularity in the entrance guard system, the most common for fingerprint entrance guard system. In order to avoid the shortcomings of traditional access control system, a brand introduced a 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system, specifically for the thief idiomatic means, one by one. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard cure to need a thief in the face of common electronic entrance guard system, for by the thief, the most easy to crack is undoubtedly the password input validation approach, especially for the elderly or children of users, the thief is easy to read or set access password, the password security index is almost zero; Entrance card while it is possible for the user to take custody, but the spread of the contemporary phenomenon of entrance card copy and the cost is low, almost make the entrance card into a kind of decoration, the thieves are very easy to get a copy of the entrance guard card, free access to the building. Fingerprint verification is a thief in the form of basic do not know how to start, because the user & used by other Key & throughout; Is your fingerprint, the thief to enter and unless have identical fingerprints with others, and this is almost impossible. But the so-called acura thief has its own place, in the face of fingerprint entrance guard system, some made of silicone fingerprint reproductions, used to pretend to be real user's identity. This way even directly for human use fingerprint film set of workplace become provides inspiration. However at the beginning of the design in 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system and takes into consideration the factors of synthetic fingerprint, 3 d ce fingerprint door manufacturers guangzhou ze company technicians, according to the 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system did not adopt the traditional optical fingerprint identification technology as the foundation, but the use of 3 d living fingerprint identification technology. 3 d object recognition technology for human living fingerprint only identify, even if the thief made a fingerprint membrane and human fingerprints were identical pattern is very realistic, also will not has the characteristics of living creatures, and completely cannot be verified. Burglars way of crime all have one thing in common, is to use the Lord's awareness of weak and preventive measures of defect as the break point. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system, on the basis of studying its customary means makes the corresponding design, users don't have to worry about a thief to patronize.
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