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24 hours before the latest news recommendation about the canteen

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
For personnel engaged in the dining room canteen machine industry, you should always pay close attention to domestic each place the dining room of all kinds of news, because will be hidden in the news a lot of wealth. Today for everyone to share the latest dining room related news: 1, a dining room to borrow other restaurants in xiamen license was fined twenty thousand yuan to borrow the licenses and permits, and other establishments of ordering platform main body qualification audit. The reporter learns yesterday, xiang 'an district market regulator is investigated to provide false information network food illegal case. Together at the beginning of this year, new market regulation has received 12315 complaints, law enforcement personnel to investigate, verify the contracted a school campus canteen operators, in order to get into the & other; Hungry? & throughout; Platform, borrowed from the other restaurants of licenses and permits, diddle platform main body qualification audit. It is understood that the school dining room, as a special subject, food business license without a business license. While coming & other; Hungry? & throughout; Platform, the operator must provide business license and permit. The operator's behavior caused by platform follow-up supervision difficulty and the food safety hidden trouble. New market regulation by the canteen operators in accordance with the law shall be ordered to stop illegal activities, and impose a fine of 20000 yuan of administrative penalty. In this case, it is the institutional reform, xiang 'an district market supervision administration investigate first providing false information network of food illegal case. 2, on the west coast of canteen completed all seven primary and middle school students no longer eat hard recently, the west coast of the new city taihang mountain road primary school, huaihe road primary school, the Yellow River west road primary school, baoshan central primary school, Zhang Jialou Cui Guixuan hope primary school, middle school center, Daniel 7 primary schools, primary and secondary school canteen be off center, is now in the acceptance of work stage. It is understood that these seven dining room project total construction area of 6000 square meters, after put into use to solve the new city nearly thousands of small and medium-sized students & other Eating difficult & throughout; The problem. Relevant controller introduces, the project project owner on the west coast of the vocational education group district on the west coast last year launched 12 school canteen for the construction of the project, will this year for 48 school canteen standardization renovation. 3、“; Sunshine restaurant & quot; After 500 years covering dining room to live hutch of Beijing & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; Project has been started in 2017, Beijing will complete 500 primary school in the home, childcare facilities, pension institutions canteens and 3000 food and beverage enterprises & other Sunshine throughout dining &; Engineering construction. In haidian district, the teacher training schools affiliated experimental primary school teaching building, a large screen in real time according to the dining room to the main processing, fish processing and so on six different after hutch scenario. Sijiqing town homes, Beijing kerry royal send catering company such as pilot promotion & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; Units have installed cameras, each preparation in the kitchen repast personnel can be real-time view. Haidian district also implements the phone APP visual kitchen. On a mobile phone to download & other; Haidian throughout dining & sunshine; After the APP, consumers can be transmitted via mobile phone to see kitchen after processing. Currently, jubao fishing port, send, such as subway restaurant after hutch live has been launched, the follow-up will also have more restaurants to join. In Beijing & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; Project start the deployment conference reporters learned that, according to the division of responsibilities, the district government will implement of responsibility, organization and coordination as a whole; Feed, food and drug administration will take & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; Engineering units into the food and beverage service of graded evaluation work, strengthen monitoring sampling; The Beijing municipal education commission, the Beijing municipal civil affairs bureau and the district government will focus on & other An old small & throughout; The food safety problem; Beijing commerce committee will combine the life service quality promotion work, encourage the famous old, brand chain enterprises to participate in. In 2018 catering units & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; The construction completion rate above 70%. In 2019 & other; Sunshine throughout dining &; Engineering basic cover all kinds of food and beverage service units in the city.
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