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Swing barrier gate series with innovative design, it extensive use in metro, school, office,

scenic, gym, factory, residential, supermarket etc.. It can support RFID, fingerprint, facial

verification mode. Combine with infrared detector, temperature controller, can widely used

in all kind of different environment.

Advantage of KB1018 is with small size, can help you save lot of shipping cost, it's a economically solution for sample project. 

◆Prompt passage of the state, clearly direction indication

◆One-way or bi-direction adjustable

◆Compatible IC, ID, barcode, fingerprint, facial, vein verfication.

◆Anti-pinch function, while people in the middle of gate, door will keep opened, not close

◆Anti-tail function, after people pass the gate, door will close immediately, the follower can not

pass without verification.

◆Reserved standard IO interface, support access control, alarm.

◆Channel free pass in emergency situation.

◆Tail bar is optional


Stations, docks, tourist attractions, factory entrance

Exhibition, swimming pool, gym and other ticketing management

Enterprise entrance with time attendance, access control, consumption management

Special channel control.