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With the latest technology from Keyable for the Movement solution .The electronic control center is research and develop by KEYABLE,which will reduce the maintain cost, simplify the installation.


Tripod turnstile mechanism with metal box for cover, have a neat design, and protect mechanical destroy by unknow object from outside.

And the solution is aim at easy solution for the manufacturer who has the ability produce the turnstile body, and support ODM service, build your brand in local market.


1. Arm will drop automatically while power cut off.
2. Direction of through is adjustable, one-way, bi-direction.

3. LED indicator.

4. Option audio prompt, support replace audio file in TF card.


a. Standard interface for access control system, NO1, COM, NO2

b. DC12V/1A output, power supply for access control board or other third party device.

c. DC24V/3A input for turnstile mechanism.

d. TF card for audio file storage(optional function)

e. LED indicator interface

Tripod turnstile mechanism parts